New market analysis method

The goal of the classic marketing analysis is to obtain information about the market structure, its scale, target audience, consumer preferences and other data that will allow making more effective management decisions in the future. Methods, objectives and analysis tools are gradually changing and improving to meet the real information needs of the business.

For enterprises planning to use the Internet as a platform for sales, service and promotion, special attention should be paid to studying their network environment - potential Internet buyers and their competitors' site. The need for such a step is shaped by the features of doing business in such an environment, the main ones being:

● other buyers and competitors. Many marketers distinguish online shoppers as a separate category with their own preferences and requirements. In addition, the Internet site may face additional competition from other online stores that have not previously had an impact on sales of the enterprise in a traditional environment;
● new promotion and incentive tools. The Internet site has its own unique means for promotion, an understanding of their features and the ability to correctly use will have a positive impact on the conduct of network sales;
● features of advertising on the Internet. Creating effective advertising messages for the Internet environment, as well as their proper placement requires knowledge of their network environment;
● the need to work with the specifics of search engines. In order to successfully promote an Internet platform, its own product range or brand, it is necessary to carry out purposeful work in the field of search engine optimization, the impact of which will depend, inter alia, on available information about the market as a whole.

Thus, a comprehensive information about the network environment of the company's Internet platform will allow you to operate more effectively in many aspects.

Promotion. Availability of information on the current status of the market will allow you to more effectively plan and implement projects to promote the range or brand of the store.

Recognizability Comprehensive analysis of search engines in the field of business activity and implementation of developments based on it will allow to occupy the first places on the search pages of a wide range of potential consumers.

Sales promotion. Studying sales promotion methods for online competitors, including in social networks, will allow you to more effectively conduct your own campaigns.

Competition. The availability of systematic information on the real market position in the network segment of the enterprise, on competitors and consumer preferences, will make it possible to improve performance in a shorter period by concentrating efforts on the most promising areas.

Network market analysis helps businesses make effective strategic decisions by answering questions such as:

What is the current market environment? What competitors are in my segment?

Evaluating competitors in the company environment will allow you to more effectively plan your own competitive strategy and correctly prioritize.