IMMERGANZ specialists have many years of experience working with Internet sites and physical markets, both products and services. For successful cooperation, we will take into account all the wishes of the client. We will try to find the most suitable sites on the Internet where you can sell your goods. We will study all the nuances of a profitable product presentation for a successful sale, make an informative description of the product in order to maximize the interest of the buyer, and also design the page of your product in the best possible way. You or your company will be able to contact us for publication, as well as design services or goods on various catalogs. For example, if you are the owner of dentistry, then we will be able to bring services to dental and medical catalogs. Or your business is associated with the sale of goods, such as clothing - we find sites on this topic and promote your products there.

HQ: Kyiv, Ukraine

Operating: Worldwide

Project Manager: Artem Kryvonosov


Sector: Marketing

Immerganz — your new sales source

04.06.2019 Project Launch