VYMIRS company is engaged in IT outsourcing in the areas of web development, mobile development, internet marketing and media. We set a goal for ourselves to outsource IT services such as SEO, development and Internet media to a new level, so that anyone who wants to, say, create a website, would not think about how difficult or costly it would be, and what could easily hire specialists and translate their ideas into reality. We want every entrepreneur in the world to understand that websites and other IT-related services are not something transcendental, but rather simple, low-cost and insanely needed in our time both for small and large businesses. We strive to ensure that any person who works with us feels light and comfortable, without any extra margins and difficulties, which only scare away development in the field of the Internet.

HQ: Kyiv, Ukraine

Operating: Worldwide

Project Manager: Yevhen Liakhov

Website: vymirs.com

Sector: Web Development, Marketing